grammar losers lose grammar wise (inappropri8) wrote,
grammar losers lose grammar wise

'tis Junno's birthday!!!!

Yes, it's the day the lovely, amazing, punny, adorable, super underrated Taguchi Junnosuke was born! in celebration of this fact, i drew some fanart. it took me, like, ten minutes so it's pretty crappy and there's barely any likeness (i think if he wasn't smiling in the drawing you wouldn't be able to tell who he is at all) but whatever. there should be more junno lovin'. even if it's poorly drawn.

He's so gorgeous, i totally did not properly capture his beauty. yeah, that sounded weird, even to me.

incidentally, i don't know cursive at all. i'm shocked the 'happy birthday junno' came out as good as it did. and, hello, how rad is my signature? Junno's nose is incredibly hard to draw, i've learned. and i got a bit lazy on the shading. but, still, it's the thought that counts.

Happy Birthday Junnosukebe!!!

Tags: this actually i.s. fanart
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