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[oneshot] Obsession

Title: Obsession
Pairing/Group: Shigebo (Shige/Ueda)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Naked Nagase, cussing, premarital sex and probable epic OOCness.
Notes: Written for no1_jo for je_holiday. It's pretty much just crack with some smut tagged on the end. Beta'd/encouraged by nexttwentylove and other non-lj users. At one point, I mention so if anyone doesn’t know what that is, take a look at the wiki page and then get one. Because they rock.
Summary: Ueda find himself obsessed with Shige’s voice. Awkward stalking and fanboying ensues.

It starts when Masuda visits Nakamaru in the KAT-TUN dressing room one day. They laugh and giggle, but Ueda doesn’t really pay attention because he has better things to do than spy on his bandmates. But when Masuda plugs his IPod into the stereo and starts playing one of the songs off NEWS’ new album, asking for everyone’s opinions, Ueda perks up. Not because of the question, not because of the song, because of one of the voices coming through the speakers.

Of course he’s heard Kato sing before. They’re in the same company and KAT-TUN and NEWS have done song together on Shounen Club. NEWS’ songs have played on the radio, on TV a lot and Ueda has just naturally heard them. He doesn’t really know how he’s never noticed before, but he’s noticing now and he doesn’t really care why.

Kato Shigeaki’s voice, Ueda suddenly realizes, is hot.


He feels dirty, and creepy, and wrong, standing there staring at the NEWS display at the record store. Ueda feels like a stalker and the fact that he has to hide his eyes behind sunglasses and hair under a hat so as not to get mauled by fans doesn’t really help the situation much. He has a sudden mental image of himself jumping out from behind a wall as Kato passes and tackling the younger man, handcuffing him and shoving him into his car. 

The prospect of kidnapping his kohai probably shouldn’t sound as pleasant as it does. And yeah, fantasizing about how Kato’s voice would sound when he screams in surprise is definitely not healthy.

Ueda has started to sweat under his hat and he’s sure he looks suspicious. So without another thought, he grabs all 13 CDs and shoves them into his basket. The person working the checkout counter looks at him through narrowed eyes, says his purchase qualifies for a free poster, which member does he want? 

“Shige.” He squeaks and his voice cracks. He’s glad; that might make his voice sound a little higher, a little less like it belongs to the full grown man it does. 

The worker smirks knowingly as he pays in cash and leaves quickly, deciding next time he wants to stalk a coworker, he’ll just illegally download all their songs.

Not that this is stalking Kato, Ueda corrects himself. It’s just research. Or something.


That night, he sits down and listens to every CD, every song, in order. Starting with the oldest first so he can see how Kato’s voice has changed over the years. Because, even in his irrational creepy obsession, Ueda is methodic.

He puts the music on his IPod the next day, listens to it on the way to work, during breaks, on his way home, as he sleeps. 

His scrobbles more than 1600 plays over the next week. 


Ueda doesn’t want to admit he has a problem. But when he accidentally sings the lyrics to Snow Expressduring practice a couple weeks later, he has no choice but confess to the other members. Who subsequently laugh at him. And tell him he has a problem. 

After about ten minutes of his bandmates cackling at him, Ueda has had enough and stomps out of the room, face red from embarrassment and anger. He storms through the halls, vaguely considering finding that midget Nishikido and picking a fight with him, just to vent his anger. 

But he thinks Nishikido might be in Osaka this week, so instead he makes his way to the roof.

He remembers coming up here in his junior days, listening to music and angsting about how he hadn’t debuted yet. No one else ever came up to the roof; he was always left alone, it was always peaceful.

Which might explain Ueda’s shock upon seeing another person on the roof, sprawled across the floor on his stomach. On second thought, as it doesn’t look like it’s wearing any clothes, maybe it’s a dummy. Or a dead body.

Ueda isn’t sure, but he’s vaguely curious, so he carefully steps over to it and just about has a heart attack when it rolls over to reveal a very alive and very naked Nagase Tomoya, snoring a little in his sleep.

Ueda screams.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you Ueda Tatsuya is a scaredy cat. Because that’s just not true. He does, however, have a tendency to scream when things frighten him. And naked sempais are always frightening. Unless they’re Kimura Takuya, but that’s beside the point. 

The point is, brave brave Ueda’s scream is loud enough to send birds on the other end of the roof fluttering and fleeing in terror. And it’s loud enough to wake Nagase.

The older man’s eyes shoot open and he sits up suddenly, looking up at Ueda. An incoherent stream of words tumble out of Nagase’s mouth and Ueda doesn’t even bother trying to dissect meaning from them; Nagase is barely lucid at the best of times. 

After a minute, a phrase that sounds something like “Who are you?” reaches Ueda’s ears and he figures this is a good time to respond.

“Ueda Tatsuya, Nagase-kun.” He says, bowing politely.

“But I’m Nagase-kun!” And the man looks thoroughly dazed for a second before his eyes clear and he shakes his head a little, standing up. “Hand me my clothes, boy!” he orders, and Ueda vaguely wonders on the other man’s sobriety.

“Er, I don’t know where they are.” He says, eyes scanning the roof for any of the aforementioned garments.

“Well, find me some, then.” And as if those orders made any sense, Nagase sits down on the roof, crosses his legs and looks at the sky.

Shaking his head, questioning his sanity and wondering how the fuck he got into this mess, Ueda walks back inside and wanders through the halls until he runs into a junior.

No, not a junior, Yamada. But he’s in Hey!Say!Jump. And, in Ueda’s opinion, that barely counts. So he pulls the boy aside and explains the situation as fast as he can, too fast for Yamada to understand, but that was his intention because he doesn’t think anyone else, even Yamada, would believe him. So he sighs and says slowly, “Look, Yamada-kun. I need your clothes.” 

It should probably worry him that the boy doesn’t even question this and just strips out of his shorts and polo shirt before handing them to Ueda and bowing, walking away perfectly content that he’s 90% nude. But Ueda doesn’t have time to worry about such things; Nagase’s stupid and on the roof and nothing good can come of that.

Ueda runs back to the roof as fast as he can, singing Boom! Boom! POWER to himself as he does and finds Nagase just as he left him. He hands the older man Yamada’s clothing and Nagase stands up, puts the shorts and shirt on without, apparently, realizing they’re about four sizes too small.

“Good job, Uebo-chan.” And he pats Ueda’s head like a puppy. Ueda reckons if Yamada had kept any dog treats in his pockets, Nagase would have fed him one too. 

Yamada’s shorts go down to Nagase’s mid-thigh, his shirt doesn’t even reach Nagase’s belly button. But the older man doesn’t seem to notice this as he paces about the roof nonchalantly.

“What brings you up here, Uebo-chan?” Nagase asks in the manner a doctor might ask his patient what brought him into the clinic.

Ueda briefly considers lying or just walking away, but, as he’s in desperate need of advice and Nagase probably won’t remember this tomorrow morning, Ueda spills the whole story to his sempai, explaining everything about his obsession with Kato and his voice, even the warm fuzzy feeling he gets in his chest when the other man raps. Nagase listens surprisingly well, brows furrowed as if in thought, nodding at all the appropriate times. After Ueda finishes, they sit in contemplative silence for a couple minutes.

“Let me tell you a story, Uebo-chan.” Nagase starts, “Once upon a time, I heard a kohai of mine sing a TOKIO song. It was beautiful and at the time I thought he even put me to shame. His name was Akanishi Jin, I think you two’re in a unit together, yeah? Well, Jin’s voice started to haunt me. I dreamt about it at night, thought about it during the day. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. So one day, I went to his dressing room, just to clear the air. It was then, young Uebo-chan, that I realized: the only way to get his voice out of my head was to hear him scream my name…in ecstasy.” Nagase’s eyes narrow at the last bit and smiles, nodding his head, looking vaguely proud of himself.

Ueda blinks up at him slowly.

“In ecstasy.” Nagase repeats, thinking Ueda didn’t understand him and when Ueda doesn’t respond, he elaborates further, “I fucked him, Uebo-chan, I fucked him.”

“I-I…” Ueda stutters, “Y-you want me seduce Kato?! How am I supposed to do that?”

Nagase grins, and opens his mouth to say something but he stops when the door to the roof slams open. He slowly turns his head over to where the rest of TOKIO stands, panting, and he smiles at them.

“There you are!” Yamaguchi yells as Taichi comes up and grabs Nagase by the arm. 

“We do have practice, you know.” He says.

Nagase just grins. “I was helping Uebo-chan with his feelings! That’s more important than practice, right?” His voice drops to a very loud whisper, “I think he came up here to, you know.” And he cocks his towards the edge of the roof, mimes a graceful swan dive.

“It’s okay, Tomoya, it’s okay.” Matsuoka says, patting the singer on the back, “The juniors aren’t suicidal.” Ueda ruffles a bit at being called a junior but the three TOKIO members don’t notice, too busy leading their front man into the building.

TOKIO’s Leader grins at Ueda apologetically. He says, “Thanks for looking after him. I hope he wasn’t too much trouble.” And he shakes Ueda’s hand. 

As he watches the man follow his band, Ueda wonders why it sounds like he was babysitting Nagase when he’s a full grown man. If anyone needs babysitting, it’s that poor naked fifteen-year-old boy running around the building.


That night, Nagase’s words in his head, Ueda falls asleep to Chirarizumu; he wakes up to sticky sheets. 


The next day at practice, Jin starts in on mocking Ueda. Ueda just interrupts him and says conversationally, “So, I hear you fucked Nagase-kun.” The rest of the band freaks out a bit at that and start screeching at him for details.

Ueda slips his earbuds into his ears and presses play. He has NEWS’ discography on shuffle now, and he even found some audio rips of Kato performing his solo songs. He mouths the words to Kakao when it comes on, glad his bandmates are too busy to tease him.

That morning while washing his sheets, he decided to push Nagase’s advice from his mind when he knew Kato was in the same building as him and just hope he’d run into the younger man at some point. This proved harder to do in practice than in theory and he found himself floating into daydreams frequently.

On his way home that night, he stopped at the Harajuku Johnny’s Shop and bought some NEWS concert DVDs. He was pleased with his purchase, happy to be no longer have to rely on YouTube to watch Kato sing.

He was, however, a little frightened that the screaming fangirls in the store didn’t recognize him, even when he was standing right next to a life-size cardboard cut out of himself. Maybe Kame and Jin are camera whores like Koki frequently screams at them.


It’s two weeks later, and KAT-TN has all but forgotten about Ueda’s Shige Obsession. They notice Ueda’s glued to his IPod more than usual and they do wonder why TOKIO greets him now; the group never used to say “How goes it, Uebo-chan?” when they passed him in the hallways. But at large, they don’t pay it much mind.

Ueda, of course, hasn’t forgotten. In fact, his interest in Kato has gotten a bit more intense and it feels kind of like it’s going to break him one of these days. Every NEWS song and concert and every one of Kato’s dramas (Yeah, it’s gotten that bad. He rented all the DVDs he could find, all the way back to Kinpachi-sensei and downloaded the dramas he couldn’t. Ueda even suffered through Ie ga Tooi for Kato. It’s gotten bad.) has been burned into his memory from repeated watching or listening. He thinks he’s run out of material and he thinks it’s weird to say ‘material’ and he really should just talk to Kato, but he’s kind of too scared to. 

So he does the next best thing.

He hides tape recorders in closets around the Jimusho. About 97% of the dialogue he records isn’t Kato; the man barely even talks in his own dressing room. Ueda finds some of the surplus to be a little interesting, but where Junno may or may not have a birthmark is irrelevant. The 3% that is Kato, though, is gold, and Ueda thinks himself a genius for having come up with the idea.

Until, of course, he realizes exactly how creepy that is. At which point he admits things have gotten out of hand. And it’s time to take action.


But of course, Ueda does nothing, because he doesn’t know what to do. He considers asking his bandmates for advice, but they’re mostly idiots and the only one who isn’t is even more awkward than Ueda himself. 

Not that Ueda is awkward. He’s just shy. Not awkward, not obsessed and not creepy. Just misunderstood. And passionate. 

Even Ueda has stopped believing the things he tells himself at this point.

So he decides to wander around the building, and half of him is hoping he’ll run into Nagase and be able to ask for more advice. The other half is scared shitless that he’ll have to face his sempai again. 

There’s a vending machine and he’s thirsty, so he pulls a few coins out of his pocket and buys himself a beverage, humming Happy Music as he slips the money in the slot, presses the button for the correct flavor of water. He notices someone walk up behind him, but doesn’t pay them too much mind; he’s having flashbacks to Kato from the Pacific Tour DVD. It’s not until the person behind him clears his throat and addresses him that Ueda notices who it is.

“Ueda-kun?” Kato asks, blushing slightly. Ueda is rendered speechless and his only response is to cease humming. “Are you humming my song? Where did you even hear it?” 

Ueda gulps, the peach-flavored water suddenly feels like stone in his stomach. “I-I-I erm, you, ah, it’s uh, well, I mean, umm…” His face is on fire and he wishes people could die of embarrassment so that he wouldn’t have to face Kato, the person he’s been stalking for the past two months. But the boy is smiling a little and looking adorably curious, so Ueda says to the best of his ability, “W-w-would you l-like to get s-something to e-eat…with…me?”

Kato looks taken aback, but, always the polite kohai, he bows slightly and accepts the invitation.

Ueda’s heart is beating so hard as Kato picks a restaurants and plans a time to meet there (Ueda can’t do more than nod fervently as the other man suggest a western-style café nearby at six o’clock that night) that he’s sure not only Kato, but everyone else on the floor can hear it. 

When Kato bows, says, “I’ll see you at six then, Ueda-kun,” and walks away, Ueda stares at his retreating back and collapses against the vending machine, grinning wide. 

A pair of unfortunate juniors stop dead in their tracks when they see their sempai. They turn on their heels and scurry away, they only came to buy their unit some refreshments and they’ve never seen Ueda smile like that when Gackt isn’t in the room. The hall is empty except for them; Ueda must have lost it.


It’s kind of weird, Ueda decides, to be sitting across a table from the person you’re stalking. Normally stalkers have restraining orders put against them; they don’t get to enjoy their knees knocking against their obsession’s under the table, which seems to happen a lot. Kato’s legs are a little too long to fit under the small table comfortably.

The thought of Kato’s long legs makes Ueda choke on his diet soda.

Kato stand up and rushes to his side, patting his back as he coughs. Ueda’s brain malfunctions and soda dribbles down his chin. As Kato wipes it up, shooting him scared and worried glances, he flushes. He’s acting like a girl or, worse, a manga character. So he straightens up, thanks Kato and apologizes. The other man takes it in stride, smiles at him and Ueda’s heart just might explode.

For the rest of the meal, Ueda tries not to make a fool of himself, tries to keep up a steady conversation. He stutters a lot, more than he ever has in his entire life put together, and he has to get about five refills of diet soda to keep his mouth from getting too dry. But overall, it’s something of a success and he learns that, not only is Kato hot with an incredibly sexy voice, he’s also actually a pretty cool person; Ueda feels slightly better upon finding out his obsession is interesting and funny. Kato laughs at something he says and Ueda thinks it’s a lovely sound, tries to get him to do it again. At some point, Ueda stops stuttering and Kato asks him to call him Shige. He does, likes the way the name sounds on his tongue. They finish their food and sit at the table far longer than is polite, not ordering anything else and just talking. The waitress gives them a look, telling them they’ve overstayed their welcome and the two men stand up and leave the store.

Ueda doesn’t want the night to be over and he hasn’t, after all, done what Nagase told him to, so he turns to Shige and says, “Would you like to come over to my place for, um, stuff?” Shige nods and Ueda smiles, leading the way back to the Jimusho’s parking garage where Ueda’s car resides so he can drive them home.


As they park at his building, Ueda realizes pouncing on Shige in Ueda’s apartment might be rude. If that’s not the ‘stuff’ Shige expected, he might feel trapped. It’d be much more polite to do something before, when Shige can make an easy escape if he needs to. So, in the elevator, Ueda turns to Shige, pushes him against the wall and kisses him.

From Shige’s reaction, this is exactly the ‘stuff’ he had in mind and he responds to the kiss enthusiastically. His mouth opens and his tongue is against Ueda’s and Ueda vaguely registers that this is the mouth that Shige’s voice comes out of and he loves the feeling of Kato’s mouth on his. He sucks on Kato’s tongue and Shige groans into his mouth. His hands are on Kato’s body, running up and down his torso and he drops his hand to Kato’s crotch, palms him through his jeans. 

Shige makes the most amazing noises, breaths, “Ueda-kun…” The elevator pings open and it’s a good thing because Ueda’s pretty sure there’s a security camera in there.

He leads Shige to his door and as Ueda fumbles with his keys, the younger man stands behind him, sucking on his neck and Ueda can feel Kato’s hardness pressed against his ass and it takes all his self control to open his front door and take Shige to the bedroom rather than just fuck him in the hall.

Ueda pushes Shige down on his bed and kisses him hungrily, pressing his body down onto the taller man’s. Ueda’s knee is between Kato’s legs and he makes desperate noises into Ueda’s mouth, tugging at the fabric of Ueda’s sweater angrily. Ueda pulls away to remove his clothes and Kato does the same and they’re naked on Ueda’s bed and their mouths meet again. Ueda disconnects his lips from Shige’s so he can hear the sounds that come from the younger man’s mouth. Shige flips Ueda over so he’s lying on his back, legs on either side of his small hips, and runs his hands down Ueda’s body. 

The look in Kato’s eye tells him that all those hours of working out in the gym are worth it and he bucks his hips up a bit, rubbing his cock against Shige’s. His efforts are awarded with a low, rough moan and Ueda wants to hear more. He reaches back to the table beside his bed, blindly opens the drawer and searches for the lube and condoms he had found in his locker last week with a note that said, From TOKIO ♥ . He shoves them into Kato’s hands and bucks his hips again. Shige moans, fumbles with the bottle and drops it. He flushes and the blush blooms down his neck and across his entire body and Ueda is sure that’s just about the cutest thing in the universe, so he reaches up, grabs Shige by the neck and kisses him hard on the mouth. At the same time, he takes the bottle from Kato’s hands and deftly opens it, handing it back to Shige.

It’s half empty; Ueda’s listened to Shige’s part in Bambina about 127 times in the past six days.

Kato coats his fingers in lube and hesitates. Ueda bucks his hips again, willing Shige to get on with it, so he does and Ueda fucks himself on Shige’s fingers. He makes sure the other watches him, makes sure his cock rubs against Kato’s. The friction elicits a strangled moan from Kato’s throat and he speeds up his ministrations a bit.

When Ueda deems himself ready, he stops moving, grabs the condom from where Shige dropped it on the bed and rips it open with his teeth. He rolls it onto Shige and the younger man groans wantonly. Ueda watches as Kato guides himself into Ueda slowly and considerately. He’s going agonizingly slow, and Ueda looks up at him. 

“Shige,” He says and the other man immediately stops, eyes wide and afraid. “You don’t have to be gentle.” And Ueda has to work to keep the frustration out of his voice. “Just do me a favor, okay?” Shige bites his lips and nods, so Ueda sits up as best he can to get his mouth next to Shige’s ear and he whispers, “I want you to scream my name.” Eyes wide, Kato nods and pushes himself in with one strong thrust, letting out a noise that sounds vaguely like Ueda-kun

“Ueda-kun…” Shige at one point, “Fuck, I…” But Kato can’t seem to finish his thought and Ueda thinks it’s cute, threads his fingers into the younger man’s hair and kisses him.

“Call me Ueda, Shige.” He mutters against Kato’s lips and nips at them before pulling away.

Kato starts moving, slowly at first and then faster, muttering Ueda with each thrust. 

“Harder, Shige.” Ueda commands. “And faster.” 

Kato complies, yelling “Ueda!” and he moans, “Ueda!” followed by a deep whimper.

Ueda watches Kato’s eyes screw shut, hears him cry his name and he thinks that’s just about all he needs to come. But then Kato hits that spot inside him and it’s his turn to scream Shige’s name. He moves his hips, angling them up and arching his back, pushing himself down on Kato to meet his thrusts. 

He utters Shige’s name one more time and spills himself between their bodies. Seconds later, Kato comes too with a resounding cry of Ueda’s name that Ueda thinks is the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard.

Shige collapses onto the older man, legs no longer able to hold him up. After a few minutes, when both their breathing regulates, Shige rolls off of him, onto his back and the pair lies tangled in Ueda’s black sheets. 

“Ueda-kun?” Shige asks, voice deep and rough with fatigue and residual passion.


“Why do you have a poster of me above your bed?”


A/N: I'm not too pleased with the smut, but, what can you do? i was going to try and rewrite it, but writing that was hard enough as is.

This was written in early November, but set earlier, sometime when News was (obviously) not on tour and Color was still in the process of being recorded. That information is not really essential to the story, but whatever.

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