grammar losers lose grammar wise (inappropri8) wrote,
grammar losers lose grammar wise

it's my dad's birthday tomorrow, and he wanted me to draw a picture of myself for his present. as i have $3.70 in my bank account, i thought it was an excellent idea.

recently, i've been really into using black and silver sharpie as my only mediums in my drawings, so i did that this time again and i'm very pleased with the result. pleased enough to post it, even.

this is the closest to a picture of myself i think i'm ever gonna post, and the first non-fanart peice of art i've ever shown online.

it's actually a shockingly good likeness, and even features my favorite/ever present as of late hat. it's one of the better things i've drawn in such a short time and i kind of don't want to give it up.

my handwriting is awful. it's been so long since i held a pen for something other than drawing. even my signature looks lamer than normal. i should start writing by pen more.

Tags: art of the non-fan variety
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