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ain't it a shame

to be so young and insane

grammar losers lose grammar wise
15 December
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My name is Sam, but you can call me Samtron. Or, you know, Sam is good too. So is inappropri8. I really don't give a shit.

I’m 16, and as cheesy as it sounds to say ‘I’m mature for my age’, I pretty much am. Except when it comes to the fun things like sex and cursing, at which point I’m exactly like a teenage boy. An immature teenage boy. Or was that redundant?

I'm a two-time high school drop out, and yes, I say it like it's an accomplishment. Most people just stop at dropping out once, but not I. No, not I. I went the extra mile, and went back, just to drop out again, because I'm rad like that.

Humor is a coping mechanism. As is sarcasm.

I like music, rain, cold, the color gray, people’s voices, semicolons, mornings, mismatched socks and second person. I don’t like the sun, diet soda, sad endings, het or silence. I love music really fucking hard. I couldn't live life without it. My main hobby is reading and (attempting at) writing fic. I also like non-fic writing and reading, music, and drawing.

My favorite band/group/boy band is Kanjani8. The vast majority of my flailing is related to them. But I love all other Johnnys groups. And I do mean all. Well, Four Leaves and up.

I've gotten into bandom recently and let me tell you, it kind of rocks. There aren't as many sparkles as JE and there's no synchronized dancing, but it's still pretty amazing

I’m totally internet obsessed and, as I pretty much have no life, I’m almost always online, but at the strangest hours. I ramble and rant and talk way too much. I have a stutter and I laugh loudly at inappropriate times. I have some semi-major OCDs but they just make life more fun.

My political beliefs are strong, but politics make me cry. So I avoid them. I hate homophobia with a burning fiery passion; discrimination makes me rage.

Alternate universes are my passion. Any world different than our own, I love. I like reading AU fic, watching fantasy movies, reading books. I like wondering where I'd fit in to these universes, what'd be different about my life, if I'd exist at all.

I have no idea how to end this epic ramble of introduction fail. So I'm just gonna stop now.

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