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[fan tattoo] and [fan cake]

Finally getting around to posting this.

My brother is kind of super into tattoos, and i've been drawing an infinity sign on my wrist for months. so, for my birthday, he decided to get it inked for real. that's right, i now have an eito tattoo.

The tattoo hurt a lot less than i thought it would, but i couldn't imagine getting anything bigger done.

i decided i wanted a design that was cool and obviously eito-related to me and anyone who knew, but also something pretty that i could stand for the rest of my life. i chose to put the eight dots around the infinity symbol to represent each of the members, and also the eight emotions from Mugendai because that song's just beautiful and reminds me to be happy.

the skin was a little irritated, understandably.

this picture is super unnecessary, but i thought it was funny to take a picture of. the tattooist must have though i was so crazy.

My brother got a tattoo at the same time, so here's  picture of both of our tattoos together:

it's been four days and now it's all raised and  feels exactly like a scab. i'm not supposed to scratch it, but i keep having dreams that i do and then i'll wake up all scared. i'm super paranoid about it, and i must have spent a good 2 hours just staring at it in awe.

I also had an eito cake at my birthday party:

Last year, i had a picture of News practically naked in a laundromat, so i decided i wanted eito on my cake this year. i got this picture from the Post K8 Wearing Barely Anything Thread  from a few months ago. (if it's yours, please tell me so i can worship you Photoshoot by Leslie Kee, Photoshopping by lady_mercury ).

i even had my mom put on 8 candles, even though i'm totally not eight years old.

i was totally controlling about the peice cutting and made everyone let me take pictures of the pieces.

It was weird, for some reason, my mom cut through everyone's crotches. i'm not sure if she did it on purpose. i don't want to ask.

she totally screwed up these last two. at that point, i took over the spatula to cut myself my  own peice.

i totally didn't finish my peice, by any means. i ate the frosting and had two bites of cake before i had to stop. but i couldn't bring myself to let anyone else have a peice with Yasu, Baru, or Ryo on it. it was totally selfish, but completely understandable.

I couldn't find any picutres weird enough for my cake that included Uchi, so i just used pink frosting to represent him. i was gonna use a sentimental picture of all eight of them together, but i realized i wouldn't have let anyone have any cake at all, so i decided to go for the weird factor instead.

these are all pictures from my phone, so if the quality is a little less than perfect, that's why.

i have no idea how to conclude this post, i've never been good at endings. so i'm just going to abruptly stop talking. and maybe say happy holidays, to be polite.

happy holidays!
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